Arnold Schönberg to Arnold Rosé, ca. 1909

Our archive recently received the donation of a previously unknown autograph letter by Arnold Schönberg. Written around 1909, the recipient was presumably the violinist Arnold Rosé, who premiered Schönberg’s works for string quartet and sextet, and was also first concertmaster at the Vienna Court Opera.

The contents of the document apparently refer to a speculative application by Schönberg’s pupil Viktor Krüger as kapellmeister at the Vienna Court Opera. Krüger was taught conducting by Arthur Nikisch in Leipzig and subsequently studied musicology with Guido Adler and between 1904 and 1907 composition with Arnold Schönberg in Vienna. Krüger was employed as operetta kapellmeister at the Theater an der Wien and before the First World War he occasionally conducted in Olmütz, Teschen and Leitmeritz before finishing his musical career.

My dear Concertmaster,
I just learned that Mr. Krüger, a former pupil of mine, had the audacity to ask you to participate in an opera performance under his direction. Maybe it is not right of me to declare that I am completely uninvolved in this matter. However, it was neither initiated by me nor was it undertaken upon my suggestion. Quite to the contrary – I only learned of it after your negative answer had been received.
I must emphatically disapprove of Mr. Krüger’s insolence. However, since I am worried that he might have unlawfully given me as a reference, I wonder whether you could possibly forward to me his letter written to you.
Forgive me for troubling you and many thanks
Yours very truly
Arnold Schönberg

Donation to the Arnold Schönberg Center from Charles Dvorak in honor of Nuria Schoenberg Nono’s 90th birthday.